VNST24611 Vinyl Styl Archive Inner Sleeve 50ct

SKU:  ae00-7826
Manufacturer Part #:  VNST24611


When cared for properly, your vinyl record collection will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Unfortunately, most records come direct from the pressing plant in cheap, poorly made sleeves that do more harm than good. The Vinyl Styl™ Archive Quality Inner Sleeve provides the ultimate in protection: We use 3-ply non-scratching HDPE this is gentle on the grooves, has anti-static properties and is inhospitable to mold and mildew growth. A piece of contrasting colored paper is sandwiched between the plies to add rigidity and integrity to the sleeve so that is will not crumple and fold when sticking the record back into its outer jacket. Sold in a package of 50 inner sleeves.

Model: VNST24611
Manufacturer: Vinyl Styl

VNST24611 Vinyl Styl Archive Inner Sleeve 50ct

SKU:  ae00-7826^VNST24611
Manufacturer Part #:  VNST24611
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