Jackson SL3X Slime Green

SKU:  ae00-7666
Manufacturer Part #:  2916342529

A stylishly contoured basswood body and pure Jackson neck-through-body construction ensures ergonomic comfort during long sets along with monstrous sustain and smooth playing all the way up to the 24th jumbo fret. Graphite reinforcement rods run through the one-piece maple neck, protecting it against environmental depredations, while the ultra-fast 12"-16" compound radius rosewood fingerboard is built from the get-go for easy chording and riffing near the nut and rapid, fret-out-free leads as you move up the neck. The recessed Floyd Rose® Special double-locking tremolo bridge system is fluidly easy to use, ensuring that your axe precisely returns to its original tuning after every dive-bomb.

Model: 2916342529
Manufacturer: Jackson

Jackson SL3X Slime Green

SKU:  ae00-7666^2916342529
Manufacturer Part #:  2916342529
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